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November’s Executive Book Summaries includes Management Wisdom from the New York Yankees’ Dynasty, which reveals 14 core management principles behind the Yankees’ 80-year dynasty.

The Growth Gamble helps managers find, get into, and grow new businesses. The Growth Gamble provides practical tools, including a powerful screening and strategic thinking technique called the New Business Traffic Lights Toolkit.

And you get The Enthusiastic Employee, which explains why high employee morale is good for the bottom line and how specific management practices can have the greatest impact on performance.

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The Holiday Season is fast approaching and for many of us, this is a good time to reflect on the past year and examine what has been accomplished.

For me, and I hope for most of my readers, this has been a very busy, very productive year. We have accomplished much. Step-by-step, we are helping to build a healthier, more sustainable world in which to live, work, and learn.

Of course, it is only appropriate that a newsletter delivered just a day or two before Thanksgiving should include something about the upcoming Holiday and being thankful for the many good things that have been achieved this year.

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Green Selling Tip: Getting Ready for the Holidays

I think that most successful salespeople will tell you that selling is about building relationships. And I for one believe it to be true. So with the holidays just over a month away, it’s time to start thinking about your relationships and the gifts that you’ll be giving this holiday season.

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The Link between Mold and Asthma

Two landmark studies released earlier this year provide the first solid evidence that damp buildings and exposure to indoor mold growth are risk factors for developing asthma and not just for making asthma symptoms worse. These studies are highlighted in a free new report titled Asthma and Damp Buildings: Making the Connection.

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Global Meltdown Hits Skiing

From the Alps to the Sierra Nevada, the ski industry is scrambling to cope with increasingly warm and rainy winters that cut into the ski season and may be another sign of human-driven global warming.

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Debate Brews: Has Oil Production Peaked?

Those who say that the world has reached its peak oil production say brief gas shortages, soaring pump prices, and international squabbles over oil and how it is used will become a permanent way of life.

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Advocate of the Year Award

Ashkin Honored as Green Building Advocate of the Year - Along with California Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stephen Ashkin along with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were honored at the recent U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) GreenBuild Conference 2005, held in Atlanta, GA.

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The following are The Ashkin Group's schedule of upcoming events and presentations.

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Green Group of the Month

Each month we select one organization that is contributing to a healthier environment.

This month our Group of the Month is the Children's Environmental Health Network, a national multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to protect the fetus and the child from environmental health hazards and promote a healthy environment.

More information about this organization may be found by visiting their Web site listed below.

The Children's Environmental Health Network







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