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December Book Summary

Decemberís Executive Book Summaries ties in perfectly with this monthís Green Selling Tip and includes Winning With People, which offers tools that can help you improve your existing relationships and cultivate strong, exciting new ones.

And you get The Next Global Stage, which discusses how emerging trends will affect the global economy of the future, and describes its implications for politics, business and personal success.

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Welcome to DestinationGreen
Well, itís almost over and what a year 2005 has been.

We have all accomplished so much and made so much progress promoting Green Cleaning and protecting the health of our environment.

Here at The Ashkin Group, we have grown as well. As just one small example, this newsletter has grown from fewer than 50 subscribers at the first of the year to more than 1,000 with this issue.

And, 2006 promises to be even better, with new opportunities and possibilities awaiting us, especially if we take the time to plan ahead, set some goals, and develop a winning - Green - business strategy.

Green Selling Tip: Resume-ing

How often have you asked your self where your career is going? Are you moving ahead, standing still, or worse, going backward? The best way to check how well your career is going - and to set goals for the coming New Year - is to do a little "resume-ing."

Health & the Environment:Asthma and the Work Place

Your Job Environment May be Giving you Asthma

We hear a lot about asthma problems in America's schools. In fact, in some cities such as Chicago, asthma and respiratory problems have increased as much as 160 percent. However, workplace asthma is a problem as well. Recently a study in England found just how serious the problem is - and is growing.

Health & the Environment:Global Warming Debate Heats Up In Washington

Global Warming Continues to be a Hot Topic

In the last several issues of DestinationGreen, we have reported frequently about global warming. This is because many experts believe it is one of the most serious problems affecting the world today. This article examines the debate further and discusses the economic implications for the U.S. for not supporting the Kyoto Accord regarding limiting greenhouse gasses.

Health & the Environment: Is Plastic Killing Us? It's A Chemical Controversy

Is Plastic Safe?

Few chemicals on the planet enjoy more use than bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic. We come into contact with it every day in tin-can linings, CDs, electronics, sports equipment, cars, and baby bottles, just to name a few. But is it safe?

Green News: Toyota: Greener Cars -- and Factories
Toyota Plans Major Green Emphasis

Can a car company be called Green? Sure, the notion may seem far-fetched, but if anyone can, it might be Toyota. The Japanese auto maker has gotten great mileage lately out of its Prius gasoline/electric hybrid. Toyota has sold over 400,000 of these fuel-sippers and is now expanding its hybrid lineup by at least 10 other vehicles.

Green News: Entrepreneurs Hear That Green Is Trendy Way To Go
GreenBusiness Fest in San Franicsco

A three day conference in San Francisco, California, makes it pretty clear that socially responsible, i.e. Green businesses, are the way to go. And - its not just for treehuggers any more.

Green Group of the Month: EPA's Healthy School Environment

Green Group of the Month

Each month we select one organization that is contributing to a healthier environment.

This month our Group of the Month honors the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its new "Healthy Schools Environment" Web site.

More than 53 million children and about 6 million adults spend a significant portion of their days in more than 120,000 public and private school buildings. Many of these buildings are old and in poor condition, and may contain environmental conditions that inhibit learning and pose increased risks to the health of children and staff.

The Healthy School Environments web site is designed to provide one-stop access to the many programs and resources available to help prevent and resolve environmental issues in schools.

More information about this organization may be found by visiting their Web site listed below.

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